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Guided tours at Schøtstuene and Bryggen


What do you really know about the Hanseatic period? Our tours give you a unique insight into the merchant’s everyday life and work at Bryggen.

Join us on a tour at the Hanseatic Bryggen.

The tour starts at the Schøtstuene assembly rooms.
Together with one of our knowledgeable guides you get to know more about the Hanseatic league, who the Hanseatic merchants were and their daily life at Bryggen.

Together we walk from Schøtstuene and to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Bryggen.

In 2022 The Hanseatic Museum celebrates 150 years as a museum, thanks to the merchant J. W. Olsen! He contributed early to the importance of Bryggen and putting the area on the UNESCOs World Heritage List.

Time22 June - 14 August 2022:

12:00 German (Deutsch)
13:00 English
14:00 Norwegian - for families with children
15:00 Norwegian
16:00 English
NB! 11:00 Francais Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday between 28 June - 31 July 
Time: 15 August 2022 - 20 June 2023:
13:00 Norwegian
15:00 English
Saturday and Sunday 14:00 for families with children (in Norwegian)

Duration: Approx. 40 minutes

Meeting point: Schøtstuene, Øvregaten 50


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